Top Canadian Online Casinos

Gambling is now recognized globally as many countries have embraced this by opening doors for the same. The trend now seems to grow by leaps and bounds which can be corroborated by the rate of engagement every month. More and more players are registering themselves at top Canadian online casinos to have fun in a different way by earning some cash rewards too.

Why Canadian online casinos are a place to be?

The competition is increasing and so the online casino owners are coming up with new bonus and promotional offers to lure gamers and gamblers. This trend seems to work in favor of gamers who enjoy games at almost half the rate plus they go home with additional goodies.

All this and more is happening at best Canadian online casinos where the bonus offers are now double and the customer support system has perked up to meet the increasing expectations of the gamblers. What makes casinos best can be assessed under following points:

  • Excellent welcome and sign up bonuses
  • Lots of payment options
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Amazing Wagering percentage

These are only a few out of the many attributes of casinos in Canada which makes them a hotspot for gamers and gamblers of all kinds.

Is gambling in Canada legal?

The country was anti-gambling until 1960s and so had marked a line that wasn’t supposed to be crossed. It was only after 1960s that government granted provinces the right to decide whether they want to allow gambling or not which led to some lotteries campaigns giving birth to gambling activities in Canada.

  • Government: The stance of the government on online casinos today is still debatable but yet the people of Canada have so far been able to enjoy gambling without any major hiccups from the Canadian government.
  • Criminal Code: The criminal code of Canada makes an important according to which it is not illegal to engage in gambling activities in Canada until it falls under recognized areas of the prescribed code. Actual code is long and entails lot of legal words but the base says this which is sufficient for layman people like us.
  • The difference: One major difference between US online casinos and Canadian online casinos is that US government doesn’t grant rights to the respective states to grant licenses to run online gambling sites while Canadian government does.
  • Taxes: As far as the taxes pertaining to online gambling are concerned in Canada, the rules are very much alike to those in Ireland and United Kingdom.

What are the available payment options here?

You have lots of options when it comes to withdrawing your rewards or for making your deposits. Popular methods include payments by debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, online bank transfer, etc. The customer support system is excellent as so you may approach the representatives easily in case of questions/queries.

Will these casinos be able to establish a name in the industry?

Canadian casinos are fast catching up as against Us and UK based casinos that are far more popular and established. It may take some time to create a name for them in the gambling industry but soon they shall be sharing a platform with the big brands.

In the end

The road ahead is tricky as the competition is cut-throat and so demands continued innovation to lure gamers and skilled gamblers. The top Canadian online casinos are fast catching up to match their services as against top brands which can be seen by the number of registrations per day.

The good news for the gamers is that now they have added options and gaming platforms and so they can play around to have some added fun and some great cash rewards.